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Looking for the best health food to support your and workout and healthy living? Eatology of Austin, TX specializes in Paleo-Zone gourmet cuisine. Paleo-Zone is a way of eating, not a diet. It is very common among the CrossFit community, fitness arenas, and even in medical circles.

Healthy Food - Austin, TX - Eatology

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  •  How it works?
    - Meals are served in two different sizes:
      Women- 2 Blocks: $115/week
      Men- 3 Blocks: $145/week
      (more Block prices available upon request)
  • Cooking classes and parties
  • Grocery shopping trips
  • 24-hour accountability program
  • Nutrition classes

With over 100 different entrée options, our meals never get repetitive. We change our menu every week and are always taking recipe suggestions you love to eat- but not to cook.

Contact Eatology today at 512-649-2044 for inquiries.

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